ANM is a leading service provider with expertise in the areas of Banking and Financial solutions.

ANMSOFT resources have over 4 + years of experience in developing and implementing leading edge solutions for its client base across the world.
ANM has very strong domain knowledge in providing services, focused on enabling organizations; banks and financial institutions to fulfill their technological needs in the following areas

  • Retail Banking Solution
  • Transaction Switching
  • Internet Banking
  • Credit, Debit and Smart Card Management Systems
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR)
  • Health Care Management
  • ANM resources have worked with a number of international clients in the above-mentioned areas and provided them with products and services to meet their technology requirements.

    With a high level of expertise supported by hand picked team from the leading technical and management education institutes of India, we have developed experience and technological expertise in the area of open software development for high-end mission critical solutions that are robust, scalable and fault tolerant – the quintessential elements of enterprise Banking.

    Changes in the technical and regulatory environments are challenging and encourage banks and financial service providers to develop new strategies to support unpredictable market and technology changes. Competitive pressure makes it imperative for banks and financial service providers meet stakeholder expectations, improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, support product and service enhancements, and focus on customer intimacy. To do so, ANM can assist and participate as a consultant cum partner with the banks and financial institutions to identify current and emerging technologies, which need to be efficiently used to support core applications, enterprise architecture development, customer relationship management (CRM), risk management and support.

    ANM can assist its clients in achieving strategic / tactical balance in their technology needs. We provide a state of the art 70-seat development center in India, which offers benefit to ANM clients by delivering solutions, products and services at a unique cost advantage and on time. ANM offerings include a blend of technology offerings, best practices, project management techniques, and a team of highly qualified IT professionals.

    ANM advisory service maintains a sharp focus on the impact and opportunities of technology, supplying clients with actionable advice on enterprise architecture, process support and technology decision-making and in the long run, helping the clients comply to the ever changing technology dynamics.

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